About Us

Gotta Pati house is a couture manufacturer aimed at creating intellection of design and techniques which makes us perceptible with an idea of experimental fluid fashion for our clients. We have a team of artisans who are highly skilled in this profession from generations.

Gottapatti House has been at the forefront of fashion for over 5 years based out in The heritage City - Jaipur. We are offering bespoke bridal trousseaus and handcrafted ethnic. The most potent visual in an Indian Wedding is the Congregation of Families and Friends in their traditional Outlook. Not as designer or revivalists, but as restoration artistic, we love to celebrate the indelible mood of traditional and festivals.

With more and more people opening to the Idea of experimental gender fluid fashion, it becomes our mission to help our customers express themselves without inhibition. Obsessed with the Rich heritage of Rajasthan and compounded with an opportunity to create a niche market; we aim to provide our customer to take cognizance of our vision of design. We are moving forward in the fashion world with a mission to connect people from all over the world to celebrate the heritage of India with our textile and jewellery.