Brand Profile

Gotta-patti House has been at the forefront of fashion for over 5 years based at Jaipur. We are offering bespoke bridal trousseaus and handcrafted ethnic. The most potent visual in an Indian Wedding is the Congregation of Families and Friends in their traditional Outlook. Not as designer or revivalists, but as restoration artistic, we love to celebrate the indelible mood of traditional and festivals

The process of fabric ornamentation involves spectacular embroidery involving an array of techniques has materials like georgettes, chiffons, tussar silks, Khaddi cotton are embedded in “Aaritari” or “Zardogi” or “Lappe ka kaam”. Our online platform offers all sarees, Salwar-Kameez, bridal colour and Contemporary vivid and rich accessories to give our clients a comprehensive look that matches with our clothing ethos, to stive for superlative quality and craftsmanship at the best possible prices.

Our Mission

With more and more people opening to the Idea of experimental gender fluid fashion, it becomes our mission to help our customers express themselves without inhibition. Obsessed with the Rich heritage of Rajasthan and compounded with an opportunity to create a niche market; we aim to provide our customer to take cognisance of our vision of design. We are moving forward in the fashion world with a mission to connect people from all over the world to celebrate the heritage of India with our textile and jewellery.

Our Vision

Not as designers or revivalists, but as restoration artists our vision to create an online platform of the merengue of textiles, embroidery, prints, dyes inspired by the rich heritage of Rajasthan in appropriate proposition and simplicity, that remained one of our house classics. We are committed to providing a sustainable and eco-conscious handcrafted work. we strive to provide superlative quality and craftsmanship by creating best of exuberant prints and exaggerated silhouettes to celebrate a quintessential Indian Festivals and Weddings.

Our Design depicts Royalty

The Usage of clothing and textile across the ages reflects the varying development of civilizations and technologies. Gotta-Patti House collection is an inspiration from royal Figures, Mughal Painting , Rajasthan Architecture which are embedded on fine muslin, silks, Khaddi, etc.


A wide range of vivid and rich; Strongly romantic , yet richly evil; full of lush blooms in shades of madden, burgundy, lilys, races. Etc produce are available just for you.

Specialized Craftsmanship

The soul of Gotta-Patti House is defined by craftsmanship. A back end team of specialized and experienced karigars of over 20 years takes our imagination crafts a notch Higher.

Customized clothing & Accessories

Our Unique Design service offer customization in your chosen design, style and endorsement we customise your dream quintessential Indian Wedding/ Festival trousseau. “Design Your Dreams Your Way”

Needlecrafts & Tailoring

We have an exclusive tailoring section for stitching as per your styling & adornment.



Gottapatti House